« Holidays: improve your Dutch in summertime»

Gepubliceerd op 28-07-2023

Summertime: where do you go? Improve your Dutch while enjoying yourself! For example: you visit a Zoo. Near Eindhoven (in Nuenen) we have "Dierenrijk"" - https://www.dierenrijk.nl/.

All the animals have Dutch names on the nameplates at their residence.
On the site you can read about the special summer-activities and 'kortings-acties'.
The playground ('speeltuin') is fun, inside and outside, when you have kids.
The shops and restaurants, foodtrucks etc. are for everybody. "Wat mag het zijn voor u?"

A specialty of "Dierenrijk" is that zoo employees tell a lot about the animals to the public. In groups, but they also answer personal questions. Give it a try to improve your Dutch!